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CryptX ist mein zweites Plugin für WordPress, und soll die verlinkten Email Adressen (mailto:…) vor Spider verstecken. Das ganze sollte allerdings so geschehen, dass bei der Bearbeitung der Inhalte die Email Adressen unverändert bleiben. Über die Einstellungen lässt sich einstellen, ob das verstecken der Emails mittels javascript oder mittels UNICODE geschehen soll. Ebenso lässt sich das ‘@’ Zeichen und die Punkte im Link durch selbstdefinierte Zeichen ersetzen. Standard mässig, wird das ‘@’ durch ‘ [at] ‘ und die Punkte durch ‘ [dot] ‘ ersetzt. Der Link für die Email kann aber auch als definierter Text oder als ein Bild dargestellt werden.

Da CryptX in meiner Freizeit entwickelt und gepatched wird, würde ich mich freuen, – sofern Ihnen CryptX gefällt – wenn Sie mich mit einer kleinen freiwilligen Spende unterstützen würden.


Die aktuelle Version bekommt ihr direkt aus dem Repository von



Warten auf Feedback und wünsche.

128 Gedanken zu „CryptX

  1. Jessica

    Thanks for developing such a useful and flexible plugin. I would like to use CryptX in my template to encrypt email addresses, however I was hoping to make the “text” of the mailto link the same as the email address (either by making it an image or also encrypting the text. Is there any way to get cryptx() to do this?

  2. Will

    Hi, I’m interested in cleaning up my HTML for speed and SEO. Any chance we can get this plugin to hook in only on requested pages (rather than excluded pages as it stands right now), and have all JS removed for pages that don’t use this plugin?

  3. Chris Booth

    Hi – thanks for a very useful plugin!

    One useful addition would be a class on the image that replaces the email link text, so that I can apply styles to it:

    (And, as another chris has noted, there needs to be a closing / on the img tag.)

    – Chris

  4. chris

    First of all: Excellent plugin!

    A small w3c incompliance occured to me though. I am using version 2.6.4 and the option where the email address is replaced by a small icon. The img tag does not close with a / . I fixed it for myself in the cryptx.php, but thought I could share this issue here.

  5. Zaphod

    I have installed the plugin on a WordPress site and it works great – except that in the footer I have an mailto: and it’s not encrypting that address.

    Is there something further I need to do?

  6. Interested

    Is there a way to use this plugin to only encrypt part of a post? For example I want to encrypt the location of a video file in the post so a user cannot view source at then download the video. Please let me know. Thanks!

    1. Ralf Artikelautor


      there is no feature like this on my roadmap.

      You can use a plugin like “WordTwit” to shorten your URLs, but this is no protection against downloading. If you want real download protection, you have to use a streaming server for your videos.


  7. Justin


    I use the “Add mailto to all unlinked email addresses” option, but there is one problem — it does not recognize email addresses that are inside parentheses. For example: will turn into a link, but ( will not. Any way to fix this?

    Thank you for your work on this plugin, it’s great!

    1. Ralf Artikelautor

      Hello Justin,

      thx for your comment. Please check the update of CryptX (version 2.6.1). This should solve your problem.


  8. Tom


    I apologise in advance for being a newbie…. I have been through all the questions but can’t actually find an answer to the most basic. How do I use your plugin. It is all installed and activated. What is not clear to me is what to write. I insert a link over the email address I want to use, e.g. and then in the body of the post I write Or should I be using the [at] somewhere. Confused I’m afraid.

    Would be grateful for some advice.




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