Der von mir favorisierte Remote Desktop Client auf dem Mac CoRD hat ein Update erfahren.

Hier die Release Notes:

Bugs Fixed in 0.5.2 Beta 1
  • Fixes slow cursors in Windows Vista, 7, and Server 2008
  • Disk forwarding: proper file sizes now shown even in 64-bit mode
  • Cmd-` now cycles through windows in Windowed mode
  • Type Selection now works in the Server List
  • Fixed issues with international keyboards
  • A number of crashes fixed or mitigated
New Stuff
  • Self-Install / On-Disk-Location Checking
  • UKCrashReporter + replace Smart Crash Reports for crash reporting
  • Overhauled main toolbar — this may disrupt existing toolbar customizations
  • Can now enable/disable settings via rdp:// launched sessions
  • Can now leave audio at remote machines
  • Added an „Open in Plain Text“ alternate to the „Open in Finder“ menu item (hold Command)

Die aktuelle Version lässt sich bei „CoRD: Remote Desktop for Mac OS X“ downloaden.