Work in progress…

I can not remember when i submitted so many versions of CryptX at one day. This is the third and the last version for today. But keep in mind, i will never stop working on it!

If you have found errors or bad behaviors or you are missing a feature/function contact me. I try to resolve every reported problem – as soon as possible.

Version 3.2.7 will now load the javascript only if necessary!
( see this thread at the support forum: link )

Update for CryptX available

Yesterday I received an email from Gerhard in which he informed me that there is a better solution to integrate javascripts. So far I had javascript in a ‚quick and dirty‘ method which involved what really goes elegantly with wordpress’s functions. I have my function now changed to ‚wp_enque_script()‚:

wp_enqueue_script( 'decryptx', plugins_url( '/js/cryptx.min.js' , __FILE__ ), array(), false, $cryptX_var['load_java'] );

Thanks Gerhard for the tip!

The new version 3.2.5 is now available on the Wordpress repository.

CryptX 2.6.2 veröffentlicht

Auf eine Anfrage hin habe ich die Möglichkeit implementiert auswählen zu können, ob das benötigte Javascript im Header oder im Footer der Seite geladen werden soll. Sowohl das eine, wie auch das andere macht Sinn, weshalb ich es Euch überlasse, wo für Eure Seite der bessere Ort dafür ist.

Probleme oder Lob wie immer in den Kommentaren 🙂